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full-service data management and technology consulting

JustDataThings Services

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Data architecture

Data architecture services are critical for organisations to effectively manage their data assets, improve decision-making processes, and derive insights that drive business success.

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Data modelling

Data modelling services involve the creation of conceptual, logical, and physical data models that represent an organisation's data in a structured and organised manner.

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Data and document migration

Have you ever needed to move house, but not all your belongings fit perfectly into your new abode? While we can't help you lift and shift your entire accommodation, we can help you change your data residency.

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Data integration & Analysis

Our data integration and analysis services take advantage of the latest technologies to present you with a standardised data front, regardless of what your requirements are.

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Web App Development

Web app development services involve the design, development, and deployment of web-based applications that run on the internet.

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Data quality management/ data profiling

We believe organisations thrive on good quality data but sometimes that's just not achievable with the existing tools. This is where we come in.

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