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Data and document migration

Have you ever needed to move house, but not all your belongings fit perfectly into your new abode? While we can't help you lift and shift your entire accommodation, we can help you change your data residency.

Some of the key activities involved in data architecture services are:

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Data analysis

This involves analysing the data and documents to be migrated, identifying any potential issues, and determining the most appropriate migration approach.

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Data mapping

This involves mapping the data entities and document types from the source system to the target system, ensuring that all required data is migrated accurately.

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Data cleansing and transformation

This involves cleaning and transforming the data to ensure that it meets the requirements of the target system, such as data formatting, field mapping, and data validation.

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Data migration testing

This involves testing the migrated data to ensure that it is accurate, complete, and consistent with the source data.

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Post-migration support

This involves providing support to users to ensure that they can access and use the migrated data and documents effectively.

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Overall, data and document migration services are critical for organisations that are undergoing digital/business transformation to ensure that their data and documents are migrated efficiently and effectively, with minimal disruption to business operations.

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